Qi Shadow iPhone XS Max

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The mobile phone mesh case is a subspecies of the soft case, named after the case body is covered with mesh vents, and the design is usually relatively simple. After the rise of Iphone, many users prefer mobile phone shells. There is no other reason, the structure is sturdy and heat dissipation is fast, and the phone looks refreshing and simple at first glance. Of course, the drawbacks of the mesh shell are also obvious, that is, it cannot effectively prevent dust and water. After wearing it for a long time, a lot of dirt will accumulate in the small holes, which is not conducive to the appearance of the phone, so pay attention to timely cleaning. Skinned mesh shells have begun to emerge on the market, that is, the main body of the mesh shell is covered by a leather jacket and only maintains the mesh design of the button. This strengthens the waterproof effect of the mesh shell, and the appearance is more unique, while still retaining part of the heat dissipation function. Overall, the practicality has been comprehensively improved compared to before.

  This product is equipped with mobile phone ring bracket, 360 degree rotation, foldable, fashionable shape, easy to use; can be reused.
When the user uses the mobile phone bracket, the angle can be adjusted freely; it can be operated by single hand-held mobile phone, mobile phone camera function, self-image artifact; it can operate touch screen, mobile phone, tablet computer and other functions with one hand, so as not to worry about being unable to hold; it is convenient for text input, or games, or watching movies; it can effectively reduce the falling and anti-theft of handheld digital products in walking and crowded places The risk of;

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