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Points to note for sports headphones:
Pay attention to the way the headset is worn, and choose the design that is the least likely to fall off
The shaking of the body during jogging can easily cause the earphones to fall off. Therefore, comfort and firmness are very important when wearing them. It i

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In-ear type: many support points, high earplugs fit

At present, there are two main types of earphones fixed by the ear canal. One is the earplug type in which the sound hole is placed in the concha cavity, and the other is the in-ear type in which the silicone earplug is directly placed in the external ear canal. Although both earphones use the ear canal structure to fix the earphones, the in-ear soft earplugs can fit ear canals of various shapes and sizes, and the fixation stability is better. Therefore, if you attach importance to wearing stability and want to avoid loosening problems during exercise, it is recommended to prefer the in-ear type.

Earhook type: wear stability improves, exercise more freely
Although earbuds and in-ear headphones have high stability when they are worn, they will inevitably become loose when turning or swinging their heads. If you also have such troubles, it is recommended to choose an "ear hook" with a hook. Style" headset.
In addition to the general earplug structure, this kind of headset will also be equipped with a hook, so that the headset can be hung on the outer auricle like glasses; this way the headset not only has the support of the earplug itself, but also has the auxiliary fixing effect of the hook. The stability is naturally better than ordinary earbuds. Moreover, the ear-hook type hook can be applied to all ear types, without the common disadvantages of ear-type and ear-in type that do not match the ear type. It is recommended to readers who value wearing comfort.

Earphones that can still detect ambient sound when worn
If the jogging place is a road or a place with other people and vehicles, please choose a headset that can still hear the ambient sound after wearing it. The following will introduce three types of headphones for outdoor use, so that everyone can narrow down the range of choices.

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