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For modern young people, what is a headset? The earphone is a pair of conversion units. It accepts the electrical signal sent by the media player or receiver, and converts it into audible sound waves using a speaker close to the ear. The headset is generally detachable from the media player and conn

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From the perspective of the development of the entire audio industry, wireless headsets are still a new thing, and the development time is not long. It is still in a rising period. User needs continue to increase, and users’expectations for wireless headsets are also increasing. This is what the industry proposes. New test. At present, the key points that users are most concerned about include sound quality, battery life and wireless transmission capabilities. From the data point of view, wireless transmission capabilities can basically meet the needs of users, and there is still great potential for improvement in sound quality and battery life. Starting with two points for improvement, I believe it will be easy to attract users' attention in the future.

Of course, headphones can also be divided into many types. Headphones are classified according to their energy conversion methods, mainly including: moving coil, moving iron, electrostatic and isomagnetic. From the structural and functional methods, it can be divided into semi-open and closed; from the wearing form, there are earplugs, hanging ears, in-ear and headwear; from the number of wearers, there are single earphones and Multi-person earphones; different from the sound source, it can be divided into active earphones and passive earphones; active earphones are also often called card earphones.

This product adopts the in ear design, perfectly conforms to the ergonomic standard, matches the soft skin friendly silica gel material, gives you the comfort from the inside to the outside. Bring unlimited comfortable music enjoyment.

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