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Brand cast the future pragmatic forever on the road


In 2005,Yiwu Yitian technology co., ltd. was founded in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, which is a global distribution center for small commodities. With the development of business, Yiwu Leixin trading co., ltd. was formally established in 2017. Company since its inception, always adhere to the brand line, strive to construct the system in line with their own survival and development, strengthen the internal control strictly, foreign increase improve service standards, and to have the handheld device maker e-ten friends of science and technology more real feelings of trust brought about by the convenience and benefits, that is going to choose the handheld device maker e-ten technology friends given by the perceived brand charm and value.
Years of fighting in constant pursuit of progress and perfect at the same time, constantly consolidate the existing export business of mobile phone accessories, actively expand diversified business form, to create the company all staff and our customers in the handheld device maker e-ten technology now hand in hand with a total of progress in the future, to benefit the open platform, let the handheld device maker e-ten the outcome of the development of science and technology can better feedback from our new and old friends.

Our earphone products are very compatible, covering more than 90% of the digital products in the market, and can be used with this device. We have solved the industry pain point, there is no current sound, stability is not stuck. Simple operation and intelligent control.

Music is a borderless art, with headphones, away from the noise of the world, quiet in my own music. Love music, not only pay homage to classic, but also love the pure sound of earphone

In addition, our mobile phone protective case has always been well received, with high quality. It can not only protect the mobile phone, but also has a certain beauty, and the price is very close to the people.

Openness, inclusiveness, confidence and introspection are our gestures, words and deeds are our promises, and the result is the test of our standards.